The declaration of


        We do not need taking bath any more!
       Let's stop bathing, and save the earth!

1, " BATHLESS LIFE" will save the earth.

・ With " BATHLESS LIFE", We can save the limited water resources of the earth
in a large quantity.

・ and, fossil fuel consumption will be saved in a large quantity.

・ as the result, CO2 dischage will be decreased, and can prevent global warming.

・ We will be able to prevent environmental pollution by the chemical
material by stopping to use the soap, or other chemicals.

(small indivial or family's ideas and efforts will protect the earth.)

2, " BATHLESS LIFE" will be useful for a family.

・for the family member who can't take a bath, " BATHLESS LIFE" will be useful
for better maintenance of the sanitation and for better health.

・ For the child who sweats a lot, sweat and heat will be relieved,
and skin will be made sturdy.

・ For family's nursing, the care, the trouble of the bathing disappears.
(unpleasant smell will diusappear with the sanitation maintenance.)

・ We can keep clean life in a house without bath (or in an apartment room,
tent, corrugated paper house).

・ A release from cleaning work of the bath. Moreover, a house lasts
long if a bath isn't used.

・ A saving of the lighting and heating expenses and the water rates,
bathing articles become unnecessary, also.

・ At the time of the disaster, or at emergency, a family can keep
clean life without taking a bath at all for a long time.

3, " BATHLESS LIFE" will protect you.

・You can keep beautiful skin and hair.

・The sanitation maintenance of the bare skin, increases in the health,
and aging are prevented. (Anti-oxidization acts.) microorganism uses the
metabolic change thing of skin, and dirt stops coming out at all,
(by anti-oxidization acts).

・it will protect your skin from harmful ray protects.

・Your body will be refreshed by the better circulation of the blood,
due to the change in the skin.

・Skin becomes sturdy, and stops catching a cold.

・If EM waist hot water, and/or foot hot water are used together,
by the effect on massage effect temperature heat, it will effect
for better relaxation.

・With one EM water wipe, the heat of the midsummer will disappear,
refreshingly. (Anti-high fever action)

・ " BATHLESS LIFE" is perfect harm-less, super-safe.
(taking bath is dangeropus, the averages accidental death is more than
13000 people per year).

・Let's carry out " BATHLESS LIFE", and make accidents in the bathing zero.

Jul 5, 2005.